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New depths
New dimensions
New sunscapes 


Explore the Sun like never before, enabled by our innovative telescope design.

 The Soleye 300 provides an unprecedented opportunity for creating stunning photos of the Sun, the celestial body that powers our planet.


The Soleye 300 confidently tackles the unique challenges of solar photography

Robust & straightforward design, making it uncomplicated to use while also getting excellent results. Lightweight, easy to carry and set up. Innovative features to avoid heat damage and deformation.

solar photography
even in Ca-K and H-alpha

Thanks to a completely unique, world-first Soleye coating with high surface accuracy, the primary mirror has extremely low heat absorption and zero thermal expansion, making it the optically best performing primary in this size category in continuum, Ca-K and H-alpha high-resolution solar photography as well.


The Soleye 300 is a hand-built, highly precise tool with exceptional material quality.

The components are sourced from 3 different continents. This makes it a unique product with a reasonably long manufacturing process, making it a truly exclusive piece of hardware with very limited accessibility.

Reserve your spot here, and order now to prepare for the incoming 2024 Solar Maximum with the best equipment available on the consumer market!

All the solar images you see on this website have been photographed with the Soleye 300 telescope.

Innovative Technology

Safe Energy Rejection, Ultra Fast Exposure

- The Soleye uncoated and special coated primary mirrors function as energy rejection filters as well, with an efficiency of 96%

- uncoated primary mirror ('Soleye White') for solar continuum obsevation using bandpass filters up to 3nm

- world unique Soleye coating reflects more light in Ca-K ('Soleye Violet') and H-alpha ('Soleye Red') for capturing in ultra-narrowband without increasing the focused energy

- high-quality primary mirror substrate with zero thermal expansion

- perfect mirror surface for lucky imaging

- handles extremely fast exposure, up to 0,35 ms: you can 'freeze' the turbulent atmosphere

Double Octahedron Carbon Fibre Truss Tube

- extremely material-efficient double octahedron frame geometry

- the telescope weighs only 14 kg

- you can move it around with one hand

- fits in your car easily

Soleye "Air Knife" Primary Cell

- extremely low air resistance

- high collimation stability

- avoiding turbulence in OTA, "air knife" primary cell design

Thermal Control

- very small heat-absorbing surface

- self-cooling geometry

- highly reflective surfaces

Ultraprecise Robotic Focuser

- Primalucelab ESATTO 2” Soleye Edition

- suitable for Hi-Res continuum and Hi-Res ultranarrow Ca-K photography straight out of the box