We are all astronauts.


We are manning the spaceship called Earth, as it sails through space majestically, navigating its circular path around its one true navigational reference: the Sun. 

There are only two ways to explore Space and the celestial bodies: you either leave Earth physically or you 'travel' the stars visually, with your own telescope.

Of all the things you can examine in the sky, the Sun is the only celestial body that is in constant shift. Its surface is never still, always transforming, reshaping. Always new. As we drift through the frozen emptiness of Space, we observe this lively, dynamic change, the visual expression of the immense forces at play there, under that shifting surface, powering our world.

This is the Sun Log, where we share the details of this journey along with all kinds of information, advice, or ideas about everything related to solar photography.



Introducing the innovative primary mirror coatings of the Soleye 300, custom-made for H-alpha and Calcium-K


We currently offer three different primary mirrors for the Soleye 300. One is uncoated, and the others are coated using a unique and innovative method. These three mirrors cover the most popular methods of solar photography: continuum, H-alpha, and calcium-K.

What are these, and how do the mirrors achieve the results you can see in our Gallery? You can find out all about it in this blog post.

DATE 11/05/2024

The Solar Maximum is Here: Everything You Need to Know


I admit the incoming Solar Maximum put some pressure on developing our first telescope, the Soleye 300.

Since the telescope features many custom-made, detail-rich parts that require fine CNC work and some special equipment imported from three different continents, the manufacturing process is quite long. It takes several months, and the number of orders we can take is limited. All of them are hand-built by myself, so, I guess it's not that surprising. 

This means those who order their scope right now (towards the end of February) are still in time to make the most of what this year's summer offers. 

The solar maximum is the perfect opportunity to make some unique and memorable solar photographs, so this would be 'high time' for Soleye products. 

But why so?

DATE 09/05/2024

What is Lucky Imaging And How to Use It Well In Solar Photography?


Lucky imaging is the method that is most often used in many disciplines of astrophotography, as it dramatically enhances the results. Solar photography is almost unimaginable without it. 

In this article, I would like to provide some basic insight into lucky imaging, and share some of my own methods, settings, pieces of hardware I use, et cetera.

So, let's get to it.

DATE 29/01/2024

3 unique elements in the design of the Soleye 300


Now that our website is live, and our first telescope is up for sale, we can celebrate a tiny bit and share some interesting details with you. 

There have been a lot of decision points while designing the telescope and some unique challenges to overcome.

So, what are some unique features of the Soleye 300, and why are they the way they are? Let me give you a quick tour!

DATE 16/02/2024