Reflecting Solar Telescope

- 300/1200 F/4 Newtonian reflecting solar telescope for high-resolution imaging

- OTA with portable dimensions: 1110 mm long and weighing 14.5 kg

- more than 60 bespoke design cnc machined parts

1 / Main frame

- ultralight asymmetric double octahedron carbon truss tube

- minimised sunlit surface

- self cooling geometry on main cnc parts

- Vixen plate included (can be supplemented with Losmandy adapter)

2 / Uncoated primary mirror

- 'Soleye White' 300 mm diameter fused silica uncoated primary

- very little energy to be focused on the camera side, up to 4 watts

- rejects 96% of energy

- for standard continuum observation with bandfilters up to 3 nm bandwidth

- possible resolution: 0.28 arcsec in near UV

- Strehl ratio 0.95 (excellent) or better

3 / Optional Soleye coated primary

- more light on the desired wavelength for ultra narrowband imaging without increasing the focused energy

- outstanding coating surface accuracy of +- 5 nm over the entire 300 mm mirror

- available in two versions, 'Soleye Red' for H-alpha and 'Soleye Violet' optimized for G-band and Ca-K/H spectral ranges

- Soleye Violet makes even UV photography possible

- Strehl ratio 0.95 (excellent) or better

4 / Soleye "air knife" primary cell

- cell with 6 supporting points to minimise primary deformation

- no cell parts over the mirror surface - natural laminar flow is enabled, eliminating any chance of mirror-seeing

5 / Secondary Mirror

- minor axis 78 mm, quality: L/18, 96% reflectivity

- ultra stable 6 stainless steel leg (in 3 groups)

- optional edition with gold plated legs for extra thermal reflectance

6 / Focuser

- ultraprecise Primalucelab ESATTO 2" robotic focuser 'Soleye edition'

- optional 2"-1,25" adapter

7 / Optional self cooling camera adapter and corrector

- ED coma correcting barlow with 3-6 magnification factor for all pixel sizes

- double wall construction with internal ventilation layer

8 / Optional instrument console

- for finder, SSM, guider

9 / Soleye 450 nm Shortpass ERF filter

- 450 nm Shortpass filter with 3 mm thick quartz glass

- energy rejection filter for G-band, Ca-K and UV


Soleye Advanced Primary Less weight, more strehl. (gold plated secondary holder legs included)
‘Soleye White’
Uncoated Primary
‘Soleye Violet’
Soleye coated primary for G-band, Ca-K and WL
‘Soleye Red’
Soleye coated primary for H-alpha
Primalucelab Esatto2
Primalucelab ESATTO 2″ robotic focuser
‘Soleye edition’
Focuser to 2
Focuser to 2″
Compression Ring
2″ to 1,25″ Compression Ring
compatible with Powermates
Soleye Instrument Console
Soleye Instrument Console for Finder,
Solar Scintillation Monitor and Guider
Self cooling camera adapter,
corrector and barlow
Soleye 300 Secondary holder with gold plated legs for extra thermal reflectivity
Soleye 300 Secondary holder with gold plated
legs for extra thermal reflectivity
Soleye 300 Secondary holder with stainless steel legs
Soleye 300 Secondary holder
with stainless steel legs
Soleye 450 nm
Shortpass Filter
‘Soleye Night’
Aluminized primary for night-time observation
Soleye reflecting softcase, <br> for travel and safe storage
Soleye reflecting softcase,
for travel and safe storage
SOLEYE Hard Case
Soleye custom hard case,
for air travel and rugged terrains